Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Well I am sitting here after the best breakfast in the world.... Bacon, Banana, Brie, sweet waffles, maple syrup and bagels with cranberries and walnuts on the side with fresh coffee and tea.

We were treated to a lovely meal last night with a lovely friend of Kal's and her two kids, then we drank wine and went to see a show in the local village hall and had more wine after the show. We decided to invite R and her two kids around for breakfast this morning, so the kitchen was buzzing and the smell of fresh coffee and bacon was wafting around the house by 0930hrs and then I went for a shower and asked Kal to look after the bacon.... bad move, burn offerings were being pulled out the over, so Kal had to dash to the shop in the next village to get the extra emergency bacon.

So in the end all 7 of us had the best feast going and it all turned out alright in the end. Now the 4 kids are running around burning of the carbohydrates and energy they have just consumed and the 3 of us adults are sipping tea!

How nice :)