Thursday, February 03, 2005

Daytime TV

Ok I have noticed that daytime TV, regardless of how many channels you have, is on the whole full of adverts for "Had an Accident that wasn't your fault.......Let's sue someone!" or "You have been really stupid with your credit cards, let us give you a loan for the next 50 years so that you can pay off you cards now!". Some of the programmes that are on as well are repeats of repeats, yes there are some which are classics, but on the whole I have decided that the TV producers must know that they have the captive audience of single mothers, the unemployed and elderly sitting at home all day so why should they bother with trying to create new programmes for anyone when there is a whole abundance of re-runs available to them!!!

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Kal said...

Ahhhh, but don't forget that the reason the whole "sue people, get a loan" thing happens during daytime TV is to pick up all the people who are skint because they're unemployed or off-sick.

Or those other wasters, you know, the ones who work *shifts*!

Blech, get yourself a proper job, blue collar boy, come wear sparkly white ones.