Friday, October 21, 2005

Classic comment

Having spent the last two evening with Kal I have been forced to blog about one of his comments.... (Yes he will get me back no doubt!)

We were sitting on Wednesday evening and I was feeling very much under the weather, but battling the onset of the cold with Hot Lemonade, Fresh Orange Juice and paracetamol to help control my temperature. Now the conversation was not the best, mainly grunts from me in response to Kal (He will say that is normal!) and the conversation got onto that fact that I had called him and he did not answer, to this he said "That is strange I didn't get a voice mail" to which I stated "That is because you don't have voice mail on your phone!" Kal then said "yeah it has been ever since I got this new phone, my voice mail seems to have stopped working" now for those of you who know Kal, you will know he is an intelligent, IT literate techno-guru which caused me to laugh out when he said that and between giggling I and said to him "No dear it is not your phone that is causing the problem, it is because you turned it off when you went to Belgium!" I just wish I had my camera with me to capture the expression on his face when he figured out what he had said and also remembered that yes he had de-activated his voice mail whilst away and had forgotten to re-activate it upon his return!

Oh how good it feels to be smarter than Kal for once!!


Kal said...

Just because your car's wheels are smarter than me....

scotsmedicman said...

Not smarter.....just more Intelligent!