Friday, May 11, 2007

Observers curse


I have had observers out with me in the past, they range from first aiders to student nurses and even Kal when he was in Ambulance school! There is a common curse which follows observers, they come out and get nothing of interest. This seems to always be the case, the last two observers have had very little action, one got to see me deal with a particularly nasty scald and the other got all fairly minor run of the mill stuff. I have had a member of EMDC staff out and they managed to clock up a few jobs, but in their own word "no trauma again!" apparently each time they have been out they never get trauma and the most blood they have seen is when a patient is cannulated!

I have been asked to take out some more EMDC staff in the near future, maybe they will be more lucky than their colleagues and get something interesting.......but I doubt it!


Merys said...

ah, you see I'm quite good at magnetising patients. I saw alsorts when I did all my observing last year - ranging from full resus (including getting a pulse back on one) through CVA, amputated fingers, motorbike accidents, broken bones, RTCs, falls down stairs etc.

stoogs said...

No doubt I'll jinx again next observing shift, I have started my blog again, have put a bit in about my 2 observing outings in west so far. More jobs out west though would be better next time.