Sunday, November 07, 2004

Time keeping.........not

Well here I am, sitting at home after my 3rd night shift, I managed to crawl out of my bed yesterday to meet my boyfriend for a nice meal, the only thing was I was due back on at work at 2000hrs, I met J (my man) at 5pm and we went to a lovely little restaurant which we are know to frequent at times, had a lovely meal and chilled out, It was then that things started to go wrong (I noticed the time) 1830hrs and I am still in Edinburgh and had to go shopping before work!

We finished our meal and headed to the local Tesco store to get what I needed, finished shopping I dropped J off at his and got changed for work and headed to my station (on the way J calls to say "I suppose you don't need your wallet?" F***, F***, F*** I think oh well can't go back now. I get to work at 1955hrs (Remember start at 2000hrs) and as I walk in the door my colleague is walking out to the Ambulance saying "We have a call already" and that was how the rest of the night was to be...... Now I am going to bed for a well deserved sleep!!

Night night x

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