Monday, April 11, 2005


Why is it that you are going about your daily routine and suddenly you are hit with a brick wall of emotion? Is it just me?

I have just returned from what can only be described as a scary, but pleasant weekend with my man and his family (when I say family I mean the 30 other people who helped celebrate his gran's 80th Birthday), now the weekend was going so well and I was just about coping with all the people and names etc. I now find myself a total wreck of emotion, I was sitting today crying on Arthur Seat (Large dormant volcano) and I don't know why, I have tried to figure it out, was it because I saw my man with his gran (both of mine are dead), was it the fact that I spent a whole weekend with my man and then last night had to leave him or is it something totally stupid, something from the past that is creaping back into my mind because I have time to sit and think?

You will probably be saying to yourself that this guy is nuts, maybe I am, maybe I should see my doctor or maybe I just need to sit down with someone and talk, when I say talk I mean them just sitting there with the kleenex and me spouting out my soul to them. Even now as I sit here typing this, trying to work out things in my head I can feel the emotions rushing around in my body, trying to find a way of escaping from me and I don't know if I want that or if I could cope with it...... It is a scary thought that I cannot be in control


Warrior Girl said...

I usually ask the person in emotional question if they're pregnant. Pregnant women get this ALL the time. An influx of hormones that just plays scrabble with your emotional barometer.

Barring that, I'd have to say that everyone gets this sometimes. Whether it's cause of the weather or an event or some subconscious play being run in the back of your head where the lights are low; who knows.

I get those days, days when everything is great and suddenly I'm hit with this overwhelming need to cry. I used to give this a lot of thought and concern. Eventually, I got to the point where I figure I needed to just sit and release, then be done with it. I could go into some shit about society or bad childhoods, but honestly I think sometimes you just gotta let go.

For what it's worth.

willow said...
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willow said...

I'm fairly sure you're not pregnant, no way would you be putting your career in jeopardy like that! My diagnosis... you're human, and as such we are made to handle only a certain amount at a time. The tears are a coping mechanism to release "steam" when the pressure builds too much. What better place to have a blubber than at the top of Arthurs Seat!

Now, whats really scary is the feeling that you want to rip a persons head off for no particular reason...... anyone else get this or am I slowly going mad???

angel tech said...

phone me now I'm back you fool